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A car in a company - tax changes

Polski Ład, który ma wejść w życie od stycznia 2022 roku, bardzo dużo zmieni w funkcjonowaniu wielu firm. Nowe zasady dotyczą już nie tylko kwoty wolnej od podatku, czy też ustalania wysokości składki na ubezpieczenie zdrowotne. Z obowiązującym od przyszłego roku prawem muszą się też zapoznać przedsiębiorcy z leasingowymi samochodami. Takie rozwiązanie może się już nie opłacać. 

Leasing samochodowy lepszą alternatywa dla wynajmu?

This was the case until now, when the popularity of leasing was growing with each passing year. It was conditioned by the possibility to deduct the whole monthly lease instalment as tax deductible costs, but usually, depending on the situation of a particular lessee, VAT could be deducted in 50%. At the end of the lease agreement, the entrepreneur was able to buy the car for his private property - often for as little as 1% of the car value, if the lease agreement so provided. He also benefited from the possibility to sell the car without having to pay VAT on the transaction - of course, it was necessary to wait 6 months to do so.

However, the regulations from the Polish Order are not favourable for lessees. Certainly, the rules for estimating the value of a vehicle for the purpose of determining VAT on the purchase of a car for private use are subject to change.

New leasing rules starting in 2022

Entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a car from a lease and thus including it in their private property will have to pay not only income tax but also VAT. Moreover, VAT will be calculated not on the amount of the last instalment, but on the full value of the vehicle. Thus, if a car is worth PLN 60,000 and the lessee buys it for PLN 600, he will pay VAT on the higher amount, which means a significant increase in costs. 

Another change is the extension of the period in which the sale of a car means an additional payment of tax. Now, as already mentioned, this time was 6 months. It will be extended from January 2022 significantly, because up to 6 years.    

Inne formy finansowania mogą zyskać na Polski Ładzie

Entrepreneurs have several options for financing vehicles. These include car and cash credit, leasing, but also long-, medium- and short-term rentals. The changes regarding leasing are intended to encourage entrepreneurs to use other forms of vehicle financing. If a business owner has no plans to buy a car outright, they can opt for medium-term rental. This is an advantageous solution for businesses because they pay a fixed amount that also covers repairs, insurance and other charges related to the operation of the car.

In case you only need a car periodically in your company (for a few days or months), medium or short-term rental is a good choice, for example in our Kaizen Rent car rental company. Thanks to flexible adjustment of the rental time and preferential return conditions, it can be a very attractive alternative. 

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